Deborah L. McCoy: Hip Hop, Photography, Art, Fashion Modeling that speaks volumes

Deborah L. McCoy co-owner and director of the McCoy Talent Gallery, 

McCoy Hip Hop and Deborah L. McCoy Photography.


Teaching philosophy: Deborah teaches from the heart. She feels that the most important things she can do for her students is to build their confidence and self-esteem. With these, they will be equipped to overcome obstacles which will enable them to maneuver through life with ease as children and adults.


Success to her is knowing that she's done everything within her power to encourage and motivate. 

Hip Hop for Kids 

McCoy Hip Hop is more than just dance. Using dance as a tool to build confidence, self-esteem and to motivate is a crucial and essential part of McCoy Hip Hop.


Skills gained:












Whether it's on location or in the studio, kids or adults, her subject's essence is captured. Deborah shoots for models, actors, musicians, families, products or events. She coaches her subjects on how to pose and put their best look forward for the camera. 

*Pricing for photographic services are done on an individual basis. Please feel free to call for your quote.